Chagrin Valley Dispatch is the communication center for 26 municipalities between Bedford and Brecksville, in the greater Cleveland area. The dispatch center is the first step to providing emergency services to over 125,000 residents.

Certified staff members and state of the art communication systems allow us to initiate, coordinate and record services of all first responders.

Fully trained dispatchers maintain certifications in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), National Incident Management System (NIMS). The center is staffed 24/7 with a minimum of 14 dispatchers on duty at all times.

The staff consists of 69 full-time and 8 part-time employees, 16 supervisors, 4 information technology employees, 1 information technology administrator, 1 assistant director, and 1 director.
When you call
The first, and most important piece of information is your location. Be accurate and as detailed as possible. Along with your street address please give your business or condominum name, building number and unit number.

For medical emergencies
The Dispatcher will ask for the patient age & sex, if conscious, if breathing normally, the chief complaint, and what caused the chief complaint; depending on the cause, whether or not there are further safety concerns.

For fire emergencies
The Dispatcher will ask if you smell or see smoke, if you see flames - their color and quantity, if there are injuries, the type of structure, if hazardous materials are present, the number of people inside, and if they can get out. You may be advised to evacuate..

For police emergencies
The Dispatcher will ask if weapons are involved, if anyone is injured, suspect descriptions, suspect vehicle descriptions, suspect's means and direction of travel, if they have left the scene, if you are safe, the details of the crime/situation. Depending on the situation being reported, additional questions may apply.

For non-emergencies please call the center at (440) 247-7321.

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National Top Ten
Chagrin Valley Dispatch is number 2 in the nation!

See the top ten list of dispatch centers in the United States.
School Safety
Motorola will release this safety program nationwide!! We are the first dispatch center to offer this service and Chagrin Falls School District is the first school to take advantage of the program.
Job Openings at Chagrin Valley Dispatch

Our dispatch center has positions available:

Chagrin Valley Dispatch is an equal opportunity employer.

COG Annual Meeting

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 - 3:00pm
Brecksville City Hall

The Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have awarded the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center $784,050.00 in one of the largest local grant awards in recent history. The grant award was administered through the Orange Village Fire Department and utilizes funds in the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program also known as AFG. The grant award will require a 10% share for all purchases. These shared funds will be assumed by all member communities that belong to the recently formed regional dispatch center located in the University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center.

Click here to read the press release.

Authorized members can download printable forms and reports. Please contact our program director, Lt. Nick DiCicco for authorization.
Proper Use of 911
The 911 system is often abused. Some abuse is intentional, but quite often it comes from misunderstanding. We want all callers to understand the basics, so as not to burden the system with inappropriate and accidental calls. How to use 911...

911 is for reporting EMERGENCIES; where there is an IMMEDIATE threat to life, health or property. Police and fire departments have non-emergency numbers for all other calls.

Proper 911 Usage:
  • Reporting situations that requires a police officer at the scene including:
    • Assaults
    • Traffic Accidents
    • Burglary Reports
    • Property Damage
    • Parking Complaints
    • Ordinance Violations
  • Requesting an ambulance for medical assistance.
  • Reporting fire, smoke or fire alarm.
  • Reporting a crime in progress.
  • Reporting suspicious or criminal activity. (shouts for help, glass breaking, vehicle or person that does not appear to belong in neighborhood, alarms).
Examples of Improper 911 Usage:
Please do not dial 911 to inquire about
  • Local event Information
  • The status of persons under arrest
  • Questions about Impounded vehicles
  • Ordinances
  • Questions about laws

When to use non emergency #'s:

  • Ask for information regarding the status of a report or investigation.
  • Ask for information regarding a city ordinance.
  • Talk with a specific officer or employee of the department.
  • Information regarding a person who is under arrest.
  • Inquire about impounded vehicles or animals.
  • Request a copy of a police report.

If you dial 911 by accident, DO NOT hang up!
We are REQUIRED to callback every 911 "hang-up". When we call back if no one answers a police response will be sent to determine if in fact there is an emergency.

If you dial 911 by accident, DO NOT hang up! When the Dispatcher answers, advise the dispatcher that you misdialed and be prepared to confirm your phone number and location. By staying on the line and advising us that you misdialed, it saves us precious time calling your number back, whether at your home, a business, a hotel, or a cell phone.

Calling from your cell phone Please understand that when you call from your cell phone, no address information is automatically provided to our dispatchers.

Chagrin Valley Dispatch - (440) 247-7321